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The Elegant Window People

At A&J Designs, we create bespoke curtains and blinds – from any material that you choose. For over 30 years now, we have been helping our customers get the perfect curtains, blinds and soft furnishings for their bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens etc. If you feel restricted or controlled whenever you are shopping for cloths or fabrics for your curtains and blinds, then you’ve come to the right place. There is absolutely no limit on which materials we use to create your special item.

A Little About Us

A&J Designs was founded by me, Allison Drury. My journey with sewing started back in 1988, when I worked with my partner who made tracks and poles for curtains. Around that time, I started going to evening classes where I slowly learned to sew professionally. I learned the craft gradually and first started to sew part time, balancing my passion with another job at the time. Soon enough I found the confidence to sew professionally and made the leap into doing it full time, creating A&J Designs 10 years ago.


We love what we do at A&J Designs – we get the greatest of satisfaction helping our valued clients produce the perfect curtains, blinds or cushions. We take great pride in our work and if there is anything we can do to make your product that little bit extra special, we’ll do it! We’re different from any other curtain maker in that there really is no limit to the fabrics that we can use. You’re not restricted in any way to using a particular material, and we believe it is this that sets us apart from the competition.

As part of our endeavour to offer the very best experience for our customers, we're willing to visit you in your home. If you have fallen in love with a material and want us to create some curtains or blinds for your home, then it's a very simple process. After an initial discussion regarding your requirements and materials, we will provide a quote then suggest where you can get fabrics (if you don’t already have your own). We will take measurements of your home, construct the curtains or blinds etc, then return to your home and install the curtains for you. It really is an all-encompassing service; all you have to do is find the right material – we’ll take care of everything else.

Relaxing Resting Area

No Matter Where You Are...

A&J Designs are the perfect choice!

If you’re in Surrey or London, we’ll take care of the measurements, the making and installing – all you have to do is find the right material. If you are not in close vicinity, then that’s no problem! We’ll send you an easy step-by-step guide so you too can enjoy tailor made curtains and blinds for your home. If you are looking for beautifully made bespoke curtains and blinds in Surrey, then get in touch to hear what we can do for you.


A Sample Of What We Offer:


Using only the highest quality materials, ensuring our curtains are built to last.


Available in a range of styles, so there's something for everyone.

Simple Upholstery

Our upholstery can be tailored to match your curtains and other furnishings.

All Other Soft Furnishings

Cushions, footstools, lampshades and more, we offer a comprehensive service.

Do It Yourself

For those based outside of Coulsdon, don't despair. You can still benefit from our exceptional furnishings, and fit them yourself!

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